Every man and woman, from born until aged, must bear an unknown risk of cardiovascular disease (disease related to the heart and vessels). When it happened, cardiovascular disease mortality rate is the highest comparing with other diseases. 

Over the past decade, cardiovascular disease has emerged as the single most major cause of death worldwide. It accounts for approximately 30% of all deaths every year. Like many high-income countries, during the past century, now low- and middle-income countries are seeing an alarming and accelerating increase in cardiovascular disease rates. 

International Family Medicines is one of the high quality health care providers, which pays much attention to your cardiovascular health. We have highly trained and experienced Cardiologist. We guarantee to provide customers the optimal cardiovascular care. 
We care for common cardiovascular problems such as cardiac preventive medicine, ischemic heart disease, abnormal heart rhythms, heart valves insufficiency and heart failure. We are also experienced in field of congenital heart disease and post-surgery cardiac care. 

Customers will be happy and satisfy when having your heart cared by high quality medical service of International Family Medicines.



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